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Since its release (may 2001) "alone in the dark : the new nightmare" was sold to more than 1.5 millions copies worldwide. (Dreamcast, PSOne, Gameboy, Playstation 2 and PC versions)
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the complete soundtrack
The complete soundtrack (43 tracks) of the game "alone in the dark : the new nightmare" has been remastered from the original MIDI files of the Dreamcast and PSOne video game.
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All the following tracks were encoded in stereo 160 kBit/s.
Intro_B1 1.9 Mb
menu of the game

Intro_C1 5.1 Mb
Carnby's introduction :
the gardens of the mansion
Brume_B1 6.9 Mb
fights in aquatic environment :
tank, swamps...
Inv_E1 2.3 Mb
Lucy Morton's bedroom

Intro_A1 4.4 Mb
Aline's introduction :
the attics of the mansion
Mansn_C 2.3 Mb
ambiance theme :
the attics of the mansion
Inv_D1 2.9 Mb

Act_C2 1.6 Mb
first fight in the hall of the mansion

Mansn_A 2.0 Mb
ambiance theme :
first floor of the mansion
Inv_B1 5.1 Mb

Decv_Bibli 0.4 Mb
discovery of the library

Bibli_A1 7.0 Mb
library :
investigation and reflexion
Mansn_B 2.1 Mb
ambiance theme :
first floor of the mansion
Goth_A1 4.4 Mb
from the gardens to the cemetery :
calm and fights
Mansn_D 1.8 Mb
ambiance theme :
Intro_C2 2.0 Mb
return in the gardens of the mansion

Dark_D 3.4 Mb
darkness :
Act_B1 1.0 Mb
violent fights on the beach

Inv_C2 4.9 Mb
the forest and near the fort

Decv_Fort 0.2 Mb
discovery of the fort

Inv_F1 4.2 Mb
Circle of stones and planetarium

Decv_Plnet 0.5 Mb
lining of the planets

Dark_F 1.2 Mb
darkness :
approaching the room of lava
Labo_A 2.5 Mb
ambiance theme :
Alan Morton's laboratory
Inv_C1 6.0 Mb
Alan Morton's laboratory :
evasion of creatures and fights
Goth_B1 4.1 Mb
caves - laboratory to the mansion :
exploration and fights
Dark_H 1.2 Mb
darkness :
bottomless well
Dark_C 2.3 Mb
darkness :
Act_A1 2.2 Mb
fight against Howard and the triceraptor

Act_B2 2.2 Mb

Inv_A1 2.9 Mb
lively river

Dark_B 2.1 Mb
darkness :
descent towards the world of darkness
Teneb_A1 2.5 Mb
darkness :
room of the awakening
Dark_E 1.2 Mb
darkness :
Dark_A 2.0 Mb
darkness :
Act_C1 2.1 Mb
generic fight

Susp_C1 6.7 Mb
darkness :
exploration and fights
Decv_Grtte 0.3 Mb
opening of the cave

Inv_G1 - (unrealeased) 1.6 Mb
looking for Judas DeCerto

Dark_G 1.2 Mb
darkness :
room of lava
Outro_A1 2.6 Mb
fight against Alan and Obed

Act_B3 - (unrealeased) 2.3 Mb
trailer of the game on Dreamcast

Act_C1 - new version 3.5 Mb
generic fight
remixed track
The complete soundtrack of the game "alone in the dark : the new nightmare" is also available by downloading the ZIPed file containing the 43 tracks encoded in MP3 stereo 192 kBit/s.
This file exceeds 100 Mb. A broadband internet connection (DSL or cable) is recommended.
alone in the dark 116 Mb
the complete official soundtrack
43 tracks
If you want to burn CDs with the downloaded soundtrack you will be able to print sleeve by downloading the two following files in PDF format.
alone in the dark - soundtrack 1.3 Mb
front sleeve
PDF format ready to print
alone in the dark - soundtrack 1.2 Mb
back sleeve
PDF format ready to print
reviews about music and sound design of the game
EDGE - February 2000 - England - (PS One / Dreamcast)
Like all horror games, audio is a crucial role in Alone in the dark IV and the final stop on Edge's exploration of Darkworks is the music and sound effects department. Early versions of the soundtrack are somewhat surprising - despite the game's almost gothic milieu, it veers from the expected choral chants to industrial guitars redolent of Nine Inch Nails. The composers point to movies such as The Matrix, Scream, Nikita and Fight Club - all using non-symphonic backdrops to good effect. It's testament to the power of sound that where a monster mauling Edward in an out-of-context animation snippet merely provokes nods of admiration, the equivalent audio file has everyone recoiling in horror. All the samples are newly captured from the real world, wich the wide variety of locations in the game make especially difficult. Imagine recording enough samples for the hero's footsteps to cater for the wide variety of terrain. It must prove exhausting.
JOYPAD - April 2000 - France - (PS One)
An extreme quality characterises the sound environment. "One of our goals was to create a totally original sound environment" says Thierry Desseaux (sound designer). Unusually, the sound staff didn't use any soundbank. With a DAT and two microphones, Thierry and Jean-Sébastien travelled to real locations with the same mood as used in the game. "It was a bit scary to find ourselves recording at moonlight in a cemetery, an old mortuary site or in a cave" confesses Thierry. The same technique has been used to simulate the weapons. Screams of different monsters were done through the mixing of real animal screams and human screams ! That part of the process took them six month to create all the in-game sound including something like 63 footsteps. You can't say that of Code Veronica ! Concerning the music, Thierry and Jean-Sébastien chose a renowned composer to add the sound track to the FMV and they kept the in-game tracks for their own. Our sound-designers opted for an industrial-gothic mix very oppressive, which recalls Nine Inch Nails. But again they avoided the easy-noisy-boring work (as in Silent Hill) in order to create the good mood in one hand, and in the other hand to keep players awake. It means that the music will be interactive. It will follow the actions of the hero toward the different locations in the game. Lastly, Thierry and Jean-Sébastien were inspired by movies like The Crow, Matrix, Seven, Fight Club… Seems to me that it could have been worse, doesn't it ! As you can feel all the elements have been put together in order to spook you in front of your screen.
PLAY THE PLAYSTATION - May 2000 - Germany - (PS One)
A soundtrack which is not without reminding Nine Inch Nails' songs.
PLAYMAG - September 2000 - France - (PS One / Dreamcast)
The house-made soundtrack proves to be an important component of the fear effect. The two rowdy musicians, big Nine Inch Nails fans, composed real themes going from gothic to industrial. The music is uneasy and spooky and fits perfectly to the spirit of the game. An extreme attention has been paid to the sound effects. You will hear, for example, something like 63 different footsteps per character according to the different kinds of grounds. Each sound in the game has been sampled by the two musicians who sometimes found themselves in weird situations.
Be Careful ! Dangerous noises !
Can you imagine these guys in a graveyard, recording the spooky sounds of the night ! Or for example, trying to catch the sound of a firework, but very close in order to feel the explosion (one of them told us that he definitely lost a jacket in the battle !). And, last but not least, the two fellow musiciens were chased by a wild boar during a sound capture in the forest... seems that AITD 4 is a strong experience for them too.
GEN 4 CONSOLES - November 2000 - France - (PS One / Dreamcast)
The soundtrack and the background sounds feed the player's imagination in such a way that he feels plunged into choking darkness.
TOTALVIDEOGAMES.COM - May 2001 - England - (PS One)
The Sound in the game is fantastic, and once again a pure work of genius ; I have mentioned this in my reviews before, and this is just another example of how sound in a game of this genre can really make it more complete. From the cracking of the lightning or the screaming of deadly creatures, you should have your TV set on high with the curtains closed for the ultimate spooky effect.
Sound : 98 %
GAMESPOT.FR - May 2001 - France - (PS One)
Whether it's about the graphics or about the music, the work is that of a silversmith. Let us indicate that the French complete version gives more credibility to our two heroes. The immersion is total, so much that we surprise ourselves to be afraid at the slightest suspect noise (and God knows that there is a lot). Impressing for a PlayStation game...
Sound : 10 / 10
JEUXVIDEO.COM - May 2001 - France - (PS One)
The sound... even there, it is a delight because the numerous effects strengthen a little more the tense atmosphere of this game and they play completely their role beside frightening musics and voices globally very well-made.
Sound : 17 / 20
GAMESPOT.CO.UK - May 2001 - England - (PS One)
Game music and sound effects make for a pretty terrifying experience.
Sound : 8 / 10
There's one thing that this game's already got in spades, it's atmosphere. Palpable, pregnant, skin-crawling atmosphere. Some of the most detailed game environments you're likely to see on PlayStation, and we're not just talking visually here, sound effects and music are used to stunning effect.
GAMESPOT.COM - June 2001 - USA - (PS One)
The game's ambient music and sounds are also fittingly gloomy and suspenseful, and on the whole, they fit well in the game.
Sound : 7 / 10
OVERGAME.COM - June 2001 - France - (PS One)
The sensations are guaranteed in 100 % ! The soundtrack is as such extraordinary, whether it is at the level of sound effects or musics. These last ones, very successful, remind however those of Resident Evil, stabbing for the moments of respites, and those of Silent Hill, industrial and violent, during the fights. It is largely thanks to these musics, illustrating perfectly the visual environments, that we manage without the evil to dive in the lugubrious and disturbing atmosphere of the game. Even there, the quality is acceptable !
MICROMANIA.FR - June 2001 - France - (PS One)
Frightening sound effects and oppressive musics which underline the action and get excited when creatures attack you... What do you want furthermore ?
Sound : 16 / 20
GAME POWER AUSTRALIA - June 2001 - Australia - (PS One)
The game's audio is brilliant, the ambiance generated by the music is subtle, yet effective.
Sound : 8.5 / 10
GAMES PAPER - June 2001 - England - (PS One)
Straight from the start the game's tension grabs you and doesn't let go for one minute. The game terrifyingly atmospheric, with gorgeous CG sequences and in-game graphics alike, complimented by tense, creepy music.
The atmospheric graphics and music combine to give you more "jump out of your skin" scares than ten of the best horror films !
JEUXVIDEO.COM - July 2001 - France - (Dreamcast)
A game which put everything on the atmosphere, and the soundtrack is not in rest. Floors which tear, gunshots in the dark, palpitations which accelerate, thunder which scolds and especially, especially, the shouts and roaring of monsters deformed by the victims...
Sound : 17 / 20
GAMEZONE.COM - July 2001 - USA - (PS One)
The "spook-factor" effects - such as lightning and demon noises are crisp. Another pleasant surprise was the score for the New Nightmare. Instead of being a slopped together attempt that sounds like something out of your local traveling Halloween haunted house, the tracks suitably creepy.
Sound : 8 / 10
THE ADRENALINE VAULT - August 2001 - USA - (PS One)
Whether it's the moaning of the shambling zombies, the sharp crack of lightning in the background of the moors or the equally powerful retort of a shotgun, the sound effects are of exceptional quality.
Sound : 4 / 5
ALLGAME.COM - August 2001 - USA - (PS One)
Although there are tons of "jumper" that will startle you (similar to those found in the Friday the 13th movies), they are brilliantly woven into an eerie atmosphere accented by the music and environmental sounds (similar to The Shining and Jacob's Ladder).
As in all good horror flicks the sound effects can make or break a production and here the combination of music and sound creates as tense an atmosphere I have ever experienced from a video game. It's obvious that a great deal of time has been spent researching some of the classic movies as "Omen style" choirs pitch over a heart pounding "John Carpenter style" rhythm.
Sound : 10 / 10
GAMING-AGE.COM - August 2001 - USA - (Playstation)
To add to the shock factor is the engrossing soundtrack, the disturbing sound effects and a very solid effort in the voice and dialog department. The band low distortion unit composed the musical tracks, but Stewart Copeland, who not only did some big movie soundtracks, but was also the former drummer of the Police, composed the end credits. Overall you’d being lying to yourself if you didn’t feel the least bit haunted by the audio displayed here.
GAMEZONE.COM - October 2001 - USA - (Dreamcast)
Alone in the Dark's music is surprisingly good. It's very moody and tends to add to the experience a lot more than you might expect.
Sound : 7.5 / 10
PS2 FANTASY - February 2002 - USA - (Playstation 2)
Sounds are surely the best feature of Alone in the dark : the new nightmare. Sounds effects are varied, scary and are a strong support to the weak graphics of the game. From mysterious whispers to sinister groans, the developers created an excellent scary background for the adventure.
There are good orchestral themes that fit nicely the atmosphere of the game.
Sound : 8 / 10
Miscellaneous documents about the production.
AITD production document 0.4 Mb
track map for Intro_C1 (3 levels)
PDF format
AITD production documents 2.9 Mb
soundtrack timelines
PDF format
AITD production documents 1.8 Mb
sounds allocation for the PSOne banks
PDF format